Helen Cerra-Ulan

Customer Success

Ms. Cerra-Ulan is a business leader and prolific idea generator who ignited user engagement for a Fortune 50 company and federal/state government agencies through digital, social, and mobile strategies for over 20+ years. Ms. Cerra-Ulan leads the Customer Success program at DirectViz Solutions and has established an initiative-taking framework for feedback and advocacy that fosters improvement, strengthens relationships, and yields business growth across priorities and challenges. Ms. Cerra-Ulan managed teams in the creative, telecommunications, and digital business sectors and served as adjunct faculty teaching Visual Communications at the George Washington University. ​

Ms. Cerra-Ulan’s skills are grounded in visual communications, digital strategy, Customer Experience (CX), Customer Success (CS), design thinking, and business intelligence in support of effective multi-screen engagement. Ms. Cerra-Ulan's expertise covers the digital ecosystem and supports the customer journey from conception to implementation and quality sustainment. A graduate of Parsons School of Design |the New School, Ms. Cerra-Ulan also holds an MFA from the George Washington University and is a certified CMMI® associate. ​