Robert Reeves

Robert (Bob) Reeves

Vice President of Army Business Development and Capture

Bob is the Vice President for Army Business Development and Capture and is responsible for the growth and the strategic direction for the Army account with a focus on training and logistics. Mr. Reeves started his active-duty career as an Armor Officer from Texas A&M University and finished his active-duty career as the III Corps and Ft Hood G4.

After his retirement from the military, Mr. Reeves transitioned into the defense aerospace industry and worked in a variety of companies which included a start-up as a founder and as the COO to large business in sales for this government market segment. Mr. Reeves led the first agile development project SAMMS-E for the Army and is a member of the board of directors for the Texas A&M DC Aggie board and a two-time Aggie Top 100 selectee. He has also served on AUSA’s Senior Executive Board for the Next Generation Combat Vehicle and on the Logistics Board for NDIA and the next Ground Vehicle Science and Technology Symposium supporting Tank Automotive and Ammunition Command. A problem solver focused on positive revenue growth grounded in outstanding customer satisfaction, Mr. Reeves leverages his experience to advance business through organic and new opportunity growth.

Mr. Reeves holds a BA from Texas A&M, and an MBA in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.​